Yearly Archives: 2013

Box of Tricks

I was working with a student this morning, assisting her to learn WordPress and build a professional portfolio site. She’s doing an independent study this year on the use of technology in education–right up my alley. She asked if I had heard of Box of Tricks. No, but when she […]

Benefits of using technology in your teaching

(Just off the top of my head, including all technology from chalk boards to smart phones. A general perspective on tech, a higher ed perspective on teaching…) Meeting the learner “where they’re at”. College-aged students are immersed in technology so much more than any other generation before them. Engaging multiple […]

MOOC grumblings

I’ve completed the first assignment in my Coursera course, grumbling about the way the assignment is setup… First, it’s not using the web to anywhere near it’s potential, not promoting eco-friendly practices, and actually says in the instructions, “Go through each item circling the number… When you have completed this draw […]

Trying out a MOOC 1

Sometime this summer I signed up for a course on Coursera: Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction. It looked suitable because it only lasted four weeks and had something to do with Education. I had looked and was unable to find any free MOOC courses on educational technology. The course […]

3D Printing in BOMI

Our Botany & Microbiology Department recently acquired a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. For now, it’s being used to construct custom-made pieces of equipment for research in their labs. Professor Chris Wolverton arranged for its purchase and coordinates its use in his teaching lab. He calls it “a prototype builder” because you […]