Yearly Archives: 2012

I am a generalist and a specialist 1

Working with our Buildings and Grounds Department this summer on a major project to renovate classrooms in one of our buildings, and meeting with them and contractors yesterday to discuss technology in a planned new fitness center, I got to thinking at how my role on campus is that of […]

Quiet times filled with music

Like at other colleges, summer is a quiet time to work on projects that would be harder to focus on during the busy-ness of the academic year. This week, especially with the mid-week holiday, has been really quiet… Every once in a while I get a project that’s right up my alley as to personal interests. Re-launching the OWU radio station has been one of those projects…

Even more connected?

I’m now trying out the Social plugin for WordPress. It has some of the same features as Twitterfeed, and then some. Not only does it give you more control over which posts get rebroadcast and which don’t but it also keeps tabs on the posts on other sites and copies […]


Well, if all goes well, this post, composed on my Android smart phone, will appear in my new blog (currently at but the original subdomain,, should soon be moving) in my @dsoliday Twitter feed, and as a Facebook status. Twitterfeed will provide the distribution, while the WordPress Android […]

Switching platforms

Due to its minimal spam management, I will soon be moving this blog from its Blogger platform to a WordPress platform. Plus, WordPress has a lot more flexibility and features.

Technology humanizing the classroom

I had heard of Khan Academy as an example of open content, but hadn’t familiarized myself with it. Then I downloaded the iPad app and watched this video. And loved it. Here are some highlights: The counterintuitive benefit of flipping the classroom is that it¬†humanizes the learning experience. Rather than […]

How students use technology

I’m on a spring break mission trip with nine students and one other adviser to Chicago to study firsthand interfaith relations. I may (or may not) reflect on the interfaith mission in my personal blog. Here, I would like to chronicle how we’re using technology, especially how the students are using it on their […]