Yearly Archives: 2011

Steve Jobs on PowerPoint

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen has some nice reflection on Steve Jobs’ thoughts on PowerPoint. Jobs is quoted in his new biography: People would confront a problem by creating a presentation. I wanted them to engage, to hash things out at the table, rather than show a bunch of slides. […]

Technology in classrooms large and small

I was asked the question a while back as to whether the technology used in a classroom would change depending on the size of the class.  There’s certainly a difference in how you teach and what you can do whether the class is small or large. And, of course, you’d […]

Food for thought and further conversation

Will the Digital Revolution finally transform higher education? That’s a topic of much speculation and enthusiastic debate.¬†Adrian Sannier, in the latest Educause Review, asks “If not now, when?” I like how he describes the industry of education improving faster and more dramatically than individual people are capable of, instead of […]


I received a courtesy notice from the library the other day, letting me know I had some outstanding items on loan. I appreciate the reminders. I think we all could do with courteous reminders when things are due, such as reminders to blog. Yeah, updating this is also overdue. I […]

The whirlwind begins to subside

The first week of classes is over. Whew! There is a lot of excitement in Information Services. We’ve hired a talented group of student workers who show a lot of promise, several of whom are freshmen or sophomores we hope to retain for a few years. Of course, this means I have […]

Summer swiftly coming to a close

It was just the other day a colleague asked me, “Can you believe it’s August already?” Classes start in less than three weeks, athletes start showing up on campus next week, and everything ramps up quickly. The fine person who has been helping on our help desk at this busy […]

More ed tech

Summer is the time in academia (at least in IT) to catch up on back burner projects and drafted blog post ideas. This was one such draft… ~~~ Students want more ed tech (bottom right of front page) in the April eCampus News cites a survey that suggests technology is […]


This past weekend I performed as part of the Arena Fair Theater production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I haven’t done anything similar since I was a child and played the part of Tiny Tim in a community theater production of A Christmas Carol. It was truly a […]

Teaching higher ed vis-a-vis congregational ministry

While my undergrad degree is in Computer Information Systems, my graduate work prepared me for religious ministry. Now that my role is promoting and supporting faculty in their use of technology, I’ve often felt, and sometimes had to argue*, that there’s a lot of similarities between teaching in a university […]

Higher Education Bubble?

There is ample debate and conversation today about whether or not the higher education market is a bubble about to burst, just as the housing market burst a few years ago and the dot com bubble burst before that. I read an editor’s column by Rob Preston in Information Week that […]